Those who want to step inside (lattice-based) cryptography should read the following references for background:

Theory of computation:

  • MIT Opencourse by Michael Sipser (his book is here)

  • Theory of Complexity:

Foundations of Cryptography:

  • Goldreich’s books Vol 1, Vol 2 (his website)

  • Nigel P Smart books: Cryptography Made Simple

  • Book: A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography by Dan Boneh and Victor Shoup

Theory of Lattices:

  • Vinod’s course 2020 : CS 294-168 Lattices, Learning with Errors and Post-Quantum Cryptography

Cryptographic Protocols:

  • Cryptography and Cryptographic Protocols by Oded Goldreich

  • Lecture Notes Cryptographic Protocols by Berry Schoenmakers

Security Proofs:

  • Game-based Proof: Sequences of games: a tool for taming complexity in security proofs by Victor Shoup (or here)

  • Simulation-based Proof: How To Simulate It - A Tutorial on the Simulation Proof Technique by Yehuda Lindell

  • UC-based Proof: Universally Composable Security: A New Paradigm for Cryptographic Protocols by Ran Cannetti

  • Security Reduction: [Book] Introduction to Security Reduction by Fuchun Guo, Willy Susilo, Yi Mu