Install SageMath on Linux using Miniconda (or Conda)

In this short instruction, we will proceed with Miniconda. For Conda, the installment is the same.

Step 1: Download Miniconda at the link: and store it in some folder that we want.

Step 2: Install Miniconda:

   - In the Terminal window, use `cd` command to go to the folder containing the Minoconda source code 

   - Then run the command (assumning the file's name is
        $ bash
   - Choose the default setting for easy
   - Close and then re-open your terminal window to get affected.

Step 3: Using Conda to install Mamba (This way is recommended to get a better speed) as follows:

       $ conda install mamba -c conda-forge

Step 4: Using Mamba to install SageMath

       $ mamba create -n sage sage -c conda-forge

Step 5: Every time we use SageMath, we activate SageMath in Conda by the command (in Terminal):

       $ conda activate sage 

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